Fur Extractor for Jack the Dog

Apparently Voyager’s dog Jack gets the itchy/scratchy when spring rolls around and he’s shedding his winter coat. If you’ve never used a hair remover like this, it’s a revelation. Sandy Kay Miller once gave me one for my horse P-nut (horse sized) and he used to love it so much he’d just stand and drool.

I managed to forget to take an “official picture” of this so all I have is a frame from a video [jack scraper]

The body is a chunk of figured maple, stained with mahogany polyurethane, cut down the length with a bandsaw, and a hacksaw blade glued in. I happened to have a silver ‘J’ handy because it’s one of my initials, so I epoxied a cut-off screw in the back and drilled/epoxied it into the wood.