I wrote my first HTML page(s) in 1996, using vi. Since then, web pages have ballooned to become gigantic globs of javascript, rotating ad bullshit, and overengineered code that tries (and fails) to make everyone have a pleasant browsing experience on virtually any device.

Somewhere in there, security became a suppurating chest wound and put us all on the treadmill of infinite patches and massive downloads. I fought in those trenches for 30 years – as often against my customers (“no you should not put a fork in a light socket. Oh, ow, that looks painful. Here, let me put some boo boo cream on it so you can do it again as soon as I leave.”) as for them. It was interesting and lucrative and I hope I helped a little bit, but I’m afraid I accomplished relatively nothing.

These days I am making knives and doing hot metal arts, mostly damascus steel poky stabby things. I am not interested in commercializing my work because then I’d have customers to listen to, again. My intent is to make whatever I can, as well as I can make it, and auction pieces off for charities. All my hard work in internet security paid off, in the form of my not having to worry about making a profit.

If you want something badly enough, talk to me.

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