Directions from the South (DC/Virginia/Maryland area)

Expect the trip to take about 4.5 hours if you go the (shorter by miles scenic route). There are many small local restaurants and some chain food stops along the way. On paper, the route is complicated, but it is very easy in practice. The highway route is longer in terms of miles, and gets you there in about the same amount of time. If you are using a GPS, you will have to use the old address: 374 Deer Creek Rd or the GPS coordinates N41 03.212 W78 13.663 altitude 1461 feet. Most maps have not been updated to reflect the new emergency services address.

The Scenic Route:

  1. Take Rt. 70 West. Near Hagerstown, exit onto 81 North toward Harrisburg- in a very short time, take Exit 7B (58 West toward Cearfoss) This is a pretty country road. You will come to a circle – go “straight” through.
  2. LEFT onto 416 North toward Mercersburg at stop. This is a “T” intersection with a really pretty little farm on the left. (Mercersburg is a wonderful little town with a very nice inn and restaurant. This is a nice place to stretch your legs, eat and get gas if you need it.) 416 splits in a “Y” on the way out of town. Be sure to stay LEFT on 16 West.
  3. You will come to a “T” intersection in McConellsburg. Turn LEFT on 16. In about 1 mile, at the second light, turn RIGHT on 522 North.
  4. 522 ends at a “T” intersection. Turn LEFT onto 22 West. (There are a few diners along this stretch. We ate in the one on the right. It was mediocre “white bread” food and friendly.)
  5. Make a RIGHT on 453 North toward Tyrone at a light. This is a large intersection. On the Right hand corner is what looks like an awesome junk and stuff store.
  6. Make a RIGHT onto US 220 North/Route 99 North toward Port Matilda. This turn is marked by a big, green sign. Exit at 350 northbound. The expressway ends at a light with a “Snappy’s” convenience store. You are 25 miles from the farm now. The road becomes 350 North at the light. Go straight through.
  7. When you get into Phillipsburg (there are some pretty Victorian houses on your way into downtown) you will come to a light at the bottom of the hill. Follow signs for 322 West. They will wander through town, so stay sharp.
  8. At the Sheetz, Make a RIGHT onto 53 North.
  9. Go up the hill. It is about 3.8 miles. Make a LEFT onto Deer Creek Road. There is a country convenience / gas station on the right as a landmark. Deek Creek Road is on the left, the road on the right is Parde rd.
  10. On Deer Creek Rd go straight through the first stop sign (2.4 miles) – you’ll cross over I-80, too.
  11. The farm is 4.8 miles ahead on the RIGHT. There is a white gallows-type sign post with no sign and a green street sign saying Crowsfoot Ln. marking the drive.
  12. If you pass Greenwood Lumber Co.’s sign on the right, you have gone too far.
  13. Follow Crowsfoot Lane and go left on the driveway past the white 2-story house near the pond. Follow the driveway back and when it T's make a right and go past the red shed. Slow down, look out for the dogs. Park by the grey house with the white porch.
  14. You’re THERE!!

Highway Directions:

  1. Take I-70 W (Portions toll) – you won’t have to actually pay toll, though.
  2. Go through Breezewood and keep following signs for 70 West
  3. Take the US-220/I-99 exit- this exit has a new number, but it is old exit number 11- toward BEDFORD-ALTOONA/JOHNSTOWN.
  4. Turn LEFT onto US-220
  5. Merge onto US-220 N/I-99 N via the ramp- on the left.
  6. Exit onto PA-350 N. Into Phillipsburg, from here – follow the above directions *