Directions from the East (NYC/Scranton/Allentown area)

If you are using a GPS, you may have to use the old address: 374 Deer Creek Rd or the GPS coordinates N41 03.212 W78 13.663 altitude 1461 feet. Most maps have not been updated to reflect the new emergency services address.

Highway Directions:

  1. Take I-80 W toward State College; these directions begin once you reach State College
  2. Stay on Rt 80 west. You'll go up the big mountain. When you cross
    over the high bridge and pass the exit for Snowshoe/144 you are in the area.
  3. Exit on Rt 53 south (Exit 133)
  4. Go immediately left (don't go through the light) onto 53. You'll go back
    under Rt 80.
  5. In 1.8 miles there's a fork in the road right after the pizza joint
    on the left. Take the right fork, which is Allport Bigler Rd.
  6. You'll pass a school on the right.
  7. In 2 miles you'll see an intersection with stop signs for intersecting traffic at the top
    of a hill with a radio antenna. That's Deer Creek Rd. The street sign is often missing.
    Make a right onto Deer Creek Rd.
  8. In 4.6 miles you'll cross "Big Run rd"  - stay on Deer Creek
    road. You're really close, now.
  9. There is a white gallows-type sign post with no sign and a green street sign saying Crowsfoot Ln. marking the drive.
  10. If you pass Greenwood Lumber Co.’s sign on the right, you have gone too far.
  11. Follow Crowsfoot Lane and go left on the driveway past the white 2-story house near the pond. Follow the driveway back and when it T's make a right and go past the red shed. Slow down, look out for the dogs. Park by the grey house with the white porch.
  12. You’re THERE!!