Fun With Homeland Security!

Department of homeland security says: when your building gets blown up, hide under your computer and table!! Look out, that piece of ceiling is going to land on the keyboard and .... Dude - you're getting a Dell!

I'm not the only person who thinks homeland security is kind of amusing! There are some excellent Parody sites and related silliness. See below for a few of my favorites:

Unready.Net (defunct) [Internet archive] Have you seen the Department of Homeland Security's readiness suggestions? They're so ridiculous that they spawned a plethora of parodies. This is one of the better ones.
Stupid Security Nat Howard maintains this excellent resource of stupid security bogosity and dumb things done in the name of security.
Get Your War On Bitter, angry, and sometimes crude anti-war cartoons about the current anti-terror climate (I don't agree with most of them, or their author's politics, but some of them are pretty funny!)