Jake ("Everything's just Jake") Ranum...

Jake's the serious (and probably the smarter) one. A devoted jump-up-onner, Jake can cover your average shirt with mud before you even see it happening.

Still waters run deep. Jake's the first to learn a new trick and waits and watches while Miles explores the envelope.

Jake's not as fond of water and mud as Miles. But he's the "Sock" champion of the world. Jake can demolish a towel in about 2 seconds, and if you're playing "Sock" and try to run, he'll nail you usually in under 2 steps. And he's still just a beginner. Jake's got the strategic skills, Miles the strength.

Jakey's a good
boy; he comes when he's called!


Weight when we got him at 8 weeks: 15lbs or so. 6 months: 70lbs. 1 year: 125lbs.