Tauren Oatmeal Chocolate Truffles


Filling Production:
  1. Put cream in a small saucepan and raise to boiling temperature, stirring
  2. Reduce temperature and add oatmeal, stir 3-4 minutes (just like making breakfast oatmeal except with cream)
  3. Add chocolate, broken into chunks, keep stirring
  4. Immediately add butter and brown sugar, keep stirring
  5. When the chocolate/oatmeal mix is smooth and shiny (fyi: candy-makers call this 'ganache') take it off the heat, keep stirring about 30 seconds to cool it slightly
  6. Stir in the rum
  7. Pour into a small tray or flat-bottomed bowl and put in refrigerator to cool overnight

The next day! In a small bowl put about  1/2 cup of cocoa powder. If unsweetened, add powdered sugar to taste. (Note: I've tried making these with powdered sugar - they come out looking gross because the sugar turns brown from the rum/chocolate.) Take a cutting board and spread some oatmeal on it, then use a sharp flat-bladed knife to chop the oatmeal a bit until it's smaller chunks. Mix this all together to form the powdered coating you will cover the truffles in.

Take a spoon (I use a half-round measuring spoon and a regular spoon) and scoop a rounded ball of filling, rounding it with gentle assistance from the other spoon, then drop it into the powder mixture. Shake the bowl gently so that it coats the ball completely. I usually just leave it in there for a while and do several truffles at a time.  Remove with a clean spoon and store refrigerated. You can get cute boxes and little cupcake-style holders at any craft store (e.g.: Michaels) that has a candy-making section.

FOR THE HERD!!!!!!!!
(I slaved over a hot stove for several attempts to get this recipe right! Thanks to alchemist Hjalti for advice on the correct proportion of cream to chocolate)