Jiffy Salmon and Pasta

This dish is a really quick hit that tastes like you slaved over it for hours. It's a derivation of my recipe for goopy chicken that happened when I had to come up quickly with something for a vegetarian friend who likes garlic but doesn't realize Chicken is a vegetable.

This dish is best served over fresh pasta but works well with dried pasta.

Things you'll need: (to serve 2 with large portions or 3 with reasonable portions)

Put the pasta in the water before you start cooking this; in fact your pasta should be nearly done before you start.

Cut the smoked salmon into strips to suit. I like long thin pieces.

Put a large pan (12") on maximum heat, add butter, pine nuts, and the first pile of garlic. As the butter melts, swirl the pan and the garlic/pine nuts will get slightly carmelized - as soon as it starts to change color, put the pan down, toss the red peppers in, and turn it off.

Drain the pasta and put it on plates.

Toss the remaining smoked salmon and garlic into the melted buttery stuff, stir it quickly, and serve over pasta. The smoked salmon should quickly turn a pinkish color as it half-cooks.