Mint Lemonade

I recently visited Saudi Arabia and they had this absolutely wonderful concoction of lemonade with mint in it. I came home and tried a couple versions and this is the recipe I currently use:

Things you'll need: (to make about a 1-gal pitcher-full)

Squeeze the lemons into the pitcher; add cool water to fill, add sugar and salt and mix. The resulting lemonade should be subtle, slightly sweet but not cloying, with the tiniest hint of saltiness.

Pour about 1/3 of the lemonade into the blender; add mint and ice cubes. If you're not a muslim, add the shot of vodka. Blend until smooth. The resulting liquid should be slightly greenish.

Line up glasses and fill them 2/3 with lemonade from the pitcher. Then top off the glasses with the minty lemonade from the blender. What will happen at this point is that the green minty stuff will be slightly foamy and stay at the top, giving a slight two-layer effect. This batch had perhaps a slight bit too much mint!!!! ...

...but it went down anyway.