Goopy Chicken

This one doesn't sound anywhere near as good as it tastes. In fact, it sometimes doesn't look as good as it tastes, either. This dish is nice because it scales well. If you're suddenly blessed with extra company, add a chicken breast or more mushrooms or whatever. It's very a forgiving recipe!

This dish is best served over fresh pasta but works well with dried pasta and can even be put into a bread-bowl or sandwich.

Things you'll need: (to serve 2 with large portions or 3 with reasonable portions)

Cut the chicken into cubes about 1" and store them in a bowl with a cup or 2 of flour until they are completely floured. You can store it like this for a while without it getting too dry or gooey. If the flour gets wet through, add more flour.

Cut the mushrooms into cubes - either halves or quarters depending on the size of the mushrooms you're using. I try to make the mushroom chunks about the same size as the chicken chunks.

Total cooking time for this dish is fairly short. If you're serving this with pasta you should put the pasta in to cook a little before you start making the goopy chicken.

Put a large pan (12") on maximum heat, add butter and the first pile of garlic. If you're using pine nuts, add them, too. As the butter melts, swirl the pan and the garlic/pine nuts will get slightly carmelized - as soon as it starts to change color, put the pan down, add the chicken (shake off any loose flour as you put the chicken in the pan) and stir the chicken to brown it in the butter.

When the surface of the chicken starts to brown a bit, add the mushrooms and stir a little bit more.

Things happen pretty fast right about now. If you're serving this with pasta, now is a good time to drain the pasta.

Add the cheese and the remaining pile of garlic. Immediately pour the Marsala into the cheesy chickeny mass. Turn the heat down to simmer and stir it all together quickly for about a minute.

f you've done everything right, the cheese and Marsala will steam off really fast leaving you with a goopy chickeny garlicy mess!!! You may want to cut into one of the chicken cubes to make sure it's cooked through. Most of the cooking happens during the minute or so when the Marsala and cheese are melting. If you let the chicken overcook the whole dish turns into a scary rubbery mass. Serve it fairly quickly over pasta - if you let the dish sit and cool it will separate into its components and gets quite gross-looking. This is not a good dish to eat as left-overs!