Date: Wed, 05 Jan 2000 13:49:32 -0700
From: Brook <>
To: "Marcus J. Ranum" <>
Subject: Re: photos
Hi Marcus,

We received the Motor and transmission on Monday. They are sittinging in
the shipping room.
Also got the 15x200 rear tire in yesterday. The photos I send you today
are pretty dull. I won't begin
sending any good ones until Pat starts assembly. The motor is 1999
factory FXST motor and 1999
factory 5 speed transmission. We ordered the motor in Black. Pat felt
that red would be way too much for the overall
look of the bike. With as much red as we are putting on the fender / frame
and frame we felt that a red motor would look
toooooo loud and silly. We are going to pull the rocker covers and add
red to the rocker hats, and various motor pcs.
We will accent against the black with the same color of red we are using on
the rest of the bike. I hope this is ok with you,
but we didn't want it to look like a big red blob. When we pull the motor
from the box, I'll send anouther pic.
I am also including an image of your front wheel, it is getting painted
(inside/prevents rust build up)
I sent your Red Red Red shirt to our Seat man (in Florida) to order a
matching red leather for the base of the seat
as well as the stingrey for the flame insert panels. By the way, can you
e-mail me a image of your boots again, he wanted
to see what they looked like. He will return the shirt to us as soon as
he locates the correct red Italian Leather.
Please bare with us while we start gathering all the components to assemble
with. When we start assembly it will be a bit more exciting.