Date: Tue, 27 Jul 1999 13:52:27 -0600
From: Brook <>
Subject: Chops

Hello Marcus,

Thank you for your e-mails and images. I understand what you are
looking for. We know the greybeauty that you sent shots of. It was
built by a guy we know in Ca. in 1989. I think the look is a bit chunky
for a chopper but if you want fuller fenders that can be done. No
problem with the side mount taillight, however I feel it should be hand
fabricated out of steel to get the non-billet look. The "color" scheme
on the greybeauty is simple and understated,
I do like the brushed finishes thruout. You would have to tie
everything like this together including the paint.
You may want to consider other colors, anyone can have and does have
black. (just something to think about)
I am attaching some images of the bike we are working on now.
Unfortunatley, the room It is in is small and I couldn't get a full shot
of the bike. I think you can see the overall look. Let me know what
you think.
How much longer do you like to see the fuel tanks? Do you want a front
fender? Lets iron out a few more details, then I'll e-mail you an
estimate on pricing as well as schedule.