To: Brook <>
From: "Marcus J. Ranum" <>
Subject: Re: Chopper

At 10:16 AM 8/5/99 -0600, you wrote:
>Hello again Marcus,
>Everyone is on the road to Sturgis. Thank you for your patience.
>Pat has gone thru all your e-mails and images sent. I believe we have
>come up with a price range and build time.
>Outline: Custom softail chopper with 20" over fork assembly, custom
>rake with mild stretch using the following custom components...
>K-1810 stretch fuel tanks / dash panel / hydrolic clutch / forward
>controls (hand fabricated) / large custom headlight
>6.5" rear wheel using 200 tire / bobbed rear fender / Side mount hand
>fab. lic. mount / dual disc front brakes / dual disc rear brake w/belt
>drive rear /

>small guages in handlebars

does this mean that the gauges will be on the drag bars with
the wiring hidden, or...?

>/ small grab rail off rear
>fender /


>paint: black & red & charcoal

do we iron the details of that out now or later? (I assume
you guys have an approximate idea of what I'm looking for)

red frame
red engine body
red heads with brushed-out fins
red everything that isn't matte metal
black and charcoal flames on gastank

I also been meaning to ask if Pat signs the bikes or how
you otherwise indicate that it's a kennedy custom. What
I thought would be toooootally cool, if he can do it is
to put "Made for Marcus J. Ranum, date/<signature>" on the
gas tank someplace discrete.

>/ matt finished metal finishes
>(use s/s when possible) / 2 up custom leather seat / open belt drive
>primary /
>96" motor / 5 speed trans. / horn to be determined /
>Have I missed anything?

Sure doesn't sound like it. :)

>Construction cost: Apox. $[...] to $[...]

Ok! :) I'll be picking up everything over $[....]

>can begin project
>in Mid Feb. to early March

of 2000, yes?

>total build time... aprox. 4 months
>Let me know what you think

Drool? Droooool. Drooooooooooooooool.

(that's an "OK") ;)