Date: Wed, 22 Sep 1999 15:36:42 -0600
From: Brook <>
Subject: Questions

Hey Marcus,

We were talking about your bike today and had a couple of questions for
Forgive me if I have asked these before, but I couldn't locate the
answers in my file.
I need to know how tall you are (couldn't tell from you pic on our web
What is your inseam measurement? You also mentioned that you are
riding a Jap. bike now. I would like to know what kind of riding you
do. In town? Bar to Bar?
Canyon racing? Road cruising? I just need to know what kind of use
will this chop be seeing? Especially since you mentioned that brakes
are important to you. We are figuring out what size rotors to set you
up with. I will be e-mailing you over the next month or two with
questions along this line. We want to make sure all is the way you
need it to be.