Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2000 16:06:28 -0700
From: Brook <>
To: "Marcus J. Ranum" <>
Subject: Re: Some ideas

Hi Marcus,

this is a pretty good graphic design. I think we know what to do. Stand by for further
designs. As soon as the seat arrives back from the Seat dude, we will be able
to see how much room we have and how we can make the rail fit behind the
seating area. We understand what you mean by curved, rather than straight
angles. No problem.
We will figure it out.
Talk to you soon


Marcus J. Ranum wrote:

> I've attached a .jpeg that's a rendering I did in a 3d graphics tool.
> (I can't work in steel, but I can work OK in data!)
> It's very rough but it's an idea; maybe it'll trigger some thoughts
> on your end. What I was thinking about was a kind of angled grab rail
> without anything else. (In my 3d rendering, it comes across as blocky
> with sharp edges but it should really be rounded - doing it rounded in
> the picture would have taken hours longer) There's a black doo-dad that
> I was thinking might be a leather "rack" with maybe a sueded bottom to
> keep it from scratching the fender. Having the leather piece somehow hook
> under the back of the seat and then have straps that could go back and
> tie (to act as bungees) or buckle near the back of the grab bar would
> make it possible to attach stuff but if I didn't want to attach stuff
> (the usual case) I could take the whole piece off and just have the grab
> bar.
> I'm kind of groping for ideas, here. ;) But what do you think?
> If we can't think of something that looks "right" then I can always fall
> back on nothing on the rear fender and just tying a bundle to the handlbars
> or front forks.
> mjr.