Date: Thu, 20 Aug 1998 09:59:00 -0600
From: Brook <>
To: "Marcus J. Ranum" <>
Subject: Re: greetings --

Hello Marcus,

Yes we would recommend you start with a full rolling chassis if this is
your first build.
It would make it much easier on you. All major components would be

Marcus J. Ranum wrote:

> I've been suffering fits of InSaNiTy and have begun to dream
> of building my own chopper from parts. I program computers;
> haven't done any work like that since I built a motor for
> my chevy 10 years ago... Anyhow, I'm trying to pick a platform
> to start building on and I love the way your frames look!!
> For a first-timer would you recommend going with a full
> rolling chassis setup, or could I do something partial -
> like use most of your setup but different wheels, brakes,
> etc? I think, for example, that I like a less "classic
> chopper" billet wheel than spokes, and so on.
> About how much would I be looking at if I got
> K-5250 Outlaw Chopper frame with all mounts $2800.00
> SK-5000 +20 adjustable fork assembly $2800.00
> EC-555 PK. stainless steel oil tank $740.00
> K- 1810 PK. stretch fiberglass fuel tanks $575.00
> EC-999RK. steel seat pan $95.00

You would also need our axle $69.00, adjusters $139.00 and offsetting
equip. $500.00 Please order our parts catalog for complete details and
price list.

Thank you.


> -dollars-wise?
> -- I.e. - most of the basics that are going to have to fit
> together.
> I'm figuring on using an S&S evo engine, nothing
> radical.
> Remember, I'm a clueless new guy -- stil doing my
> research. How much of a bike should I get from one
> place (to insure maximum likelihood of parts fitting)?
> mjr.
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