Bellwether Farm, Morrisdale PA

There are some big advantages to living in the middle of nowhere. Peace, quiet, and beauty. No traffic jams or rush hour. Set that against no high speed internet and getting snowed in at the end of a 1/2 mile long dirt driveway - and I still come out way ahead.

(home, built c/a 1812. completely renovated from the frame up 2002-2004)

(mjr and p-nut in the front woods. there are about 20 acres of woods in the front, 40 on the side, and the neighbors behind me own 600 acres of forest and trails)

(P-nut and Otto's barn)

(interior of upper floor of one of the barns)

(The pond on a cold winter morning)

(The lower field at dusk)

(The farm, from the upper south field; that's the top of the barn, in the foreground and the red tractor shed off in the distance)

(the pond and some of the woods, from the barn)

(mjr and 1942 Ford 2N tractor, raking the hay. the Belarus 574 tractor and hay-cutter are parked back by the treeline)

(raking hay. the front house is in the background)

(the front pasture, foggy morning)

(the pond on a misty summer morning)

(the pond and upper fields at beautiful o'clock on a summer day)

(the bathtub. it's an old victorian claw-foot out in a field where nobody can see. bathing under the stars!)

(mjr and P-nut crossing the lower creek)

(fall colors)